Our Story


Celara was created when cascading fistfuls of delicate, glimmering, fine gold chain were unearthed after 20 years from deep within our jewelry vault. Made with a special technique that creates a light and airy, yet luxe effect, the newly rediscovered chain sparked the idea for a collection of fine jewelry that embodies the spirit of Young Luxury.

After a full year of sourcing, design, and product development Celara was brought to life.  We found initial inspiration from the 2017 Eclipse, incorporating celestial motifs including the different phases of the moon.  A chain-maker was taught how to make the uniquely supple, iconic Celara chain. Warm, lustrous gold is paired with luminous diamonds, balancing the delicate and dramatic for chic, effortless looks that feel amazing on the skin.

Expertly hand-crafted of the highest quality materials and precious stones, each Celara piece is created with an uncompromising level of quality.  Celara’s artfully enduring aesthetic is designed to be eye-catching and impactful yet easy to wear.